Audit Support

The bar for Audit quality is ever-increasing, and in recent times this has been at an accelerated rate.

This often results in additional workload and complexity throughout the process and increased fees.

Our specialist team has worked on ‘both sides of the fence’ as auditors and within finance functions leading the process internally for some of the largest groups in the UK. This means that we understand the challenges that both parties face and offer a service to ensure that the process runs as efficiently as possible, often preventing cost overruns.

How we can support you

  • Project/information flow management
  • Year-end close support
  • Audit papers
  • Technical models (onerous contracts, provisions etc.)
  • Resourcing support ('additional pair of hands')
  • Technical accounting support
  • Controls improvement (to facilitate a more controls based audit)

Example of our work

First 'Big 4' Audit - We supported an organisation going through a 'Big 4' audit for the first time by preparing their consolidated group accounts to a standard that we knew that the auditors would expect. This involved several upfront reviews of the reporting process in recommending and agreeing on updates prior to the year-end, following an ongoing dialogue with the auditors.

Year-end support - We worked with a group about to lose several key team members just before their year-end. We supported by facilitating a handover procedure where we worked with the outgoing individuals to document the processes that they were responsible for. We were then able to support management with the year end close following the departure of the team members. This extended to support with audit queries and issues, as well as briefing and onboarding new team members once they had been replaced.

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