Management Reporting/FP&A

Budgets, forecasts and management reporting are key aspects of any finance function, and accurate and timely data is critical to ensure informed management decisions.

The quality, however, can vary, and sometimes it is useful to challenge existing processes to find improvements. We understand that time, resource and experience constraints mean that this is not always possible.

Our service allows a flexible option to address potential challenges. Our experienced team of specialists have worked with some of the largest organisations in the world and bring this experience to work with your team to achieve ‘best practice’.

How we can support you

  • Management accounts
  • Budgets
  • Forecasts
  • Process improvement/implementation
  • Market analysis
  • Process/system integration
  • Financial modelling

Examples of our work

Budget/forecasting tool - We supported a multinational group with the implementation of a new budget/forecasting tool across its divisions. This involved working closely with their FP&A function to understand the existing process and creating a roadmap to configure and implement the tool. Following this, a new process was devised and rolled out to the various divisions via a training and post-implementation support programme

Group forecasting update - We worked with an organisation that was facing challenges with the accuracy of their forecasts as they were noticing significant variances to actual results on a regular basis. We worked with management to understand the key issues that were causing this. It was identified that divisional teams required guidance and training in order to input into bottom-up budgets and so we followed up to support management in delivering a training programme combined with a more simplified input process.

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