Statutory Accounts

Statutory accounts are a necessity for many businesses, however the preparation process can result in conflicting priorities as teams balance this with their day to day activities.

We offer a specialist service where our dedicated team takes ownership over the accounts production process, which can also be extended to support with audit queries.

Our service is delivered using a technology-based approach with the use of market-leading software and research tools, allowing our team to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on value add activities.

This is combined with varying levels of internal review, ranging from ‘GAAP checkers’ to manager, partner and hot reviews, to ensure that output is delivered to the highest level of quality.

How we can support you

  • Accounts production (SMEs, corporates, groups & Plc’s)
  • Subsidiary reporting
  • Regulatory/GAAP updates
  • Pre-audit review
  • Assurance/analytical review
  • Project management/outsourcing

Examples of our work

Outsourced subsidiary reporting - for a multinational group where we prepared statutory accounts for c65 of their UK subsidiaries, alongside managing the process end to end. This involved a close working relationship with internal teams, alongside ongoing analytical reviews, deadline management and audit support.

Plc Annual Report - Following the departure of some key personnel, we were able to support a Plc with the 'back end' financial statements included within their Annual Report. This involved gaining a good understanding of the businesses and working closely with management and the auditors in order to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

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