Working Capital Management

Cashflow and working capital management are key areas that investors and other key stakeholders have an active interest in, even more so in the current climate. We often hear that 'cash is king' however it can be difficult to manage and create improvements whilst running a busy finance function.

From forecasting, supporting with financing or preventing cash leakages, our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in working with organisations to monitor and improve their working capital.

We use this expertise to identify areas of risk and exposure and work as an extention to your team to find and implement pragmatic solutions.

How we can support you

  • Detailed working capital analysis
  • Review/improvement of key cycles (R2R, P2P, inventory etc.)
  • Cashflow forecast
  • Cashflow management
  • Scenario planning/sensitivity analysis
  • Cashflow modelling

Examples of our work

Bank financing forecasting - We supported an organisation that was struggling to obtain finance for an acquisition due to their quality of cashflow reporting. We worked with both financial and non-financial personnel to gain an understanding of the business. We created an integrated model with built-in sensitivities for management to use, along with training for key finance team members around cashflow management and reporting - eventually resulting in the organisation being able to secure financing.

WC management large group - A multinational plc experienced a periodic decline in working capital despite increasing revenue. We supported management in identifying the root cause of this by performing an assessment of key cycles in order to identify leakages. Follow this, an improvement implementation plan was devised with a working capital dashboard being integrated into divisional performance reviews, with targets being set in key risk areas - all of which resulted in working capital returning to normalised levels.

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