Exit Preparation

Preparation in advance of an exit can result in significant efficiencies further down the process, along with making the business more attractive to potential buyers.

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with organisations to understand key risks and exposure and identify opportunities for efficiency within the context of a transaction. Early engagement allows processes to be implemented in a less pressured environment, allowing management to focus on value-added activities.

How we can support you

  • Risk mapping and process improvement
  • Early assurance reviews to identify and remedy areas of exposure
  • Work with management to establish a pragmatic and efficient information gathering process
  • Scenario planning and modelling
  • Early change management and training activities
  • A review of management reporting along with optimisation recommendations
  • A review of accounting processes and policies

Examples of our work

Exposure review - We worked with an owner-managed business to perform detailed balance sheet and P+L reviews, going back to underlying accounting data and records in advance of a planned exit. This resulted in creating an exposure scorecard summarising critical areas of risks and potential adjustments, allowing management to make informed decisions around how to deal with them well in advance of transaction-related activities.

Management reporting - for a £2bn turnover online retailer. This involved holding workshops with department heads to understand departmental KPIs, roles and responsibilities and setting up walkthrough meetings with task preparers.

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