Ongoing Deal Support

The deal process can put a lot of pressure on management and internal teams, often with inflexible deadlines. Delays can be costly and could adversely impact the attractiveness of the business.

Often in-house teams find this a challenging time as additional responsibilities must be taken on whilst balancing their day to day activities, posing a real risk to delays to the deal process.

We offer support during pressured times in the form of a multi-faceted team that is ready to step in and help to drive the process to achieve pressured deadlines.

How we can support you

  • Project management
  • Support with information flow management
  • Creation of a dynamic and integrated P+L, balance sheet and cash flow financial model with built in sensitivities
  • Detailed Working capital mapping and analysis
  • Intra-month cash cycle
  • Covenant analysis
  • Development of historic data pack (reconciled to statutory accounts)
  • Support with DD and IM process
  • Short term resourcing solutions

Examples of our work

Working Capital Analysis reporting - for a PE backed business buying an SME business. This involved interviewing the target and obtaining all the relevant information to prepare a formal working capital report for key stakeholders to review.

Integrated three statement model - We worked with an SME to develop an integrated 5 year three statement model, displaying P+L, balance sheet and cash-flow data with built in scenarios and sensitivities. This involved the mapping of historic financial information as well as working with management to determine driver based forecasts. This model was a key focus for the deal process.

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