Internal Audit Services

As the external environment increases in complexity with technological transformations and new and evolving risks, the demand on internal audit departments is only set to advance.

This together, with growing stakeholder requirements, means that internal audit departments are often playing catchup.

Our internal audit team deals with fundamental issues to the survival and growth of any organisation. Our priority is to work with clients to generate innovative ideas by looking beyond financial statements.

How we can support you

  • Establish/transform internal audit function
  • Co-sourcing/outsourcing services
  • Business process & cost saving reviews
  • Documentation services
  • Contract reviews

Examples of our work

Internal Audit Plan & Charter - for a multinational manufacturing Plc. We created an audit charter and a 3-year plan covering key risk areas. This involved gaining an understanding of the business and top-down risk strategy. We worked closely with the CFO and heads of departments to understand roles and responsibilities and create a plan that an internal teams could follow.

Documenting 285 Standard Operating procedures (SOPs) - for a £2bn turnover online retailer. This involved holding workshops with department heads to understand departmental KPIs, roles and responsibilities and setting up walkthrough meetings with task preparers.

Supplier Contract review - for a manufacturing private business. This involved creating a tracker containing supplier contracts and summarising rebates and the key terms of the agreement. The tracker helped local management keep track of external obligations and diaries where tenders were needed in advance of contract expiry.

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