Investigations require an independent, impartial, and objective professional to ask the relevant questions and perform the investigation using a framework that is thorough and relevant. Responding quickly to allegations that require an investigation is important in avoiding any further setbacks.

Organisations often lack resource or independent departments with the relevant skillset and background to conduct an investigation and implement appropriate preventative controls from the event occurring in future.

Our team of experts have in-depth experience to assist clients from fact-finding to analysing allegations and preparing detailed reports that can be used by senior management and / or local authorities.

How we can support you

  • Accounting investigations
  • Integration of risk strategy into business processes
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud, bribery & corruption
  • Human resources/tribunal preparation

Examples of our work

"AML" Process & Controls - implementation for a Jewellery business. This involved preparing all the relevant processes and controls relating to AML before an HMRC investigation.

Sales fraud investigation - for a healthcare Plc. A sales representative could override system controls to change sales allocation in their name and benefit from the additional monthly commission. We were involved in understanding how this occurred and performed interviews with key stakeholders to establish facts before the disciplinary procedures by the HR team.

Management Accounts Investigation - for a PE-backed business. This involved identifying unauthorised and unusual journals being posted to improve monthly results. We were tasked to investigate what happened and prepare actual management information based on the transactions.

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