Projects & Change Management

We are surrounded by regular technological enhancements and innovation, which combined with competition has created the need for businesses to be more adaptable to change and meet consumer demands.

Change management can be a critical success factor in driving the objectives of the company. Not all change is disruptive if it is carefully planned with the correct approach and senior management backing.

Our PMOs carefully plan the project from start to finish and encourage all key people to be involved in focus groups to brainstorm ideas collectively and to be a part of a journey that adds value to all parties. We understand that projects may have both internal and external hurdles and we engage all stakeholders early to get their buy-in (where possible) and perform the risk and benefit analysis before the project commences.

How we can support you

  • Project planning and cost/benefit analysis
  • Transformation project management with tracker service
  • Ad hoc project management from start to finish
  • Cost v benefit analysis
  • People management

Examples of our work

Workday project Management - for a cyber security plc. This involved project managing the Workday implementation from the planning phase to execution and delivery. We provided regular updates to management on a daily and weekly basis using online trackers.

HR Appraisal Project - for a multinational healthcare manufacturer. We were tasked to project manage the new appraisal and bonus process. This involved holding regular meetings with key stakeholders and scenario planning different options.

Covid 19 - Contingency budget plan - for a PE-backed business. This involved holding meetings with sales directors and local accountants and creating contingent plans to the approved annual budget.

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