Risk Advisory

In view of several major corporate failures, risk management is now considered as more than just a ‘bolt-on’ activity. Today’s corporate governance practices require company boards to ensure that management develops and maintain an effective risk management process.

Companies are re-thinking their risk strategy to ensure that both emerging and known risks are effectively identified, evaluated and managed. This extends from strategic planning to day-to-day processes across all levels of the organisation. Our experts have a wealth of experience enacting risk management solutions for blue-chip companies globally.

How we can support you

  • Enterprise risk management strategy & roadmaps
  • Integration of risk strategy into business processes
  • Risk frameworks
  • Risk workshops
  • Risk registers
  • Risk assurance

Examples of our work

Documenting Operational "Risk & Controls Matrix" RACMs - for a £2bn turnover online retailer. This involved extracting risks from over 700 standard operating procedures and holding risk workshops with departmental employees. We also held training sessions for all key department champions about risk management.

ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) strategy workshops - for an online payment solution provider. The company had to improve its processes, controls, and overall risk management strategy ahead of a possible US listing. We presented to the leadership team of the key ERM requirements and provided support with the planning phase.

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