Uncertainty of Brexit: What about GDPR?

What will happen with GDPR after Brexit?

Prime Minister Theresa May has recently received widespread criticism of the draft withdrawal agreement. The 585-page document sets out the terms of UK’s departure from the EU, with many individuals and businesses uncertain of the future agreement and UK’s alignment with the ECJ. This raises the question of how applicable GDPR will be after Brexit?

The General Data Protection Regulation has an extraterritorial effect as it is applicable to all countries in the EU and with businesses processing data relating to citizens of the EU countries. As a result, even if UK is leaving the EU, UK will still need to be compliant with GDPR regulation and businesses must ensure they have sufficient controls to avoid any regulatory breaches and fines.

Although The United Kingdom was heavily involved in the GDPR proposal and it is likely that when UK leaves the EU, GDPR provisions will be fully integrated into domestic legislation.

How can you be better prepared?

Most organisations have performed GDPR reviews on their existing controls and provided employees training on new matters of personal data. Brexit is not an excuse for not complying with European-led GDPR law and businesses should continue to monitor the operating effectiveness of their controls to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

How can we help?
  • Provide Awareness & Training to employees
  • Perform an Internal Audit including:
    • Design assessment of critical processes and controls in place to support PII.
    • Provide pragmatic recommendations on what the business can do to comply.
    • Identify gaps and create an actions pack.
  • Implementation & tailored design for your organisation
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